About Castiza

Sangrita Castiza adds a tasty, all-natural splash to the cocktail hour

Sangrita Castiza, a flavorful, all-natural blend that cleanses the palate, makes its U.S. debut at the annual Laredo-Webb County Bar Association’s Noche de Agave tequila tasting on January 25 at the Laredo Center for the Arts.

Made in Zapopan, Jalisco by Bienestar Liquido and imported by Austin-based Numen Distributors, Sangrita Castiza is a robust revival of a traditional recipe with origins in Guadalajara, Jalisco in the 1920s.

This artisanal accompaniment to the enjoyment of tequila blanco or reposado is made without preservatives and is bottled in glass.

Among sangrita’s accompaniments to tequila — according to Nadia Plascencia, CEO of Numen — are in a tradition called caballito in which the tequila and sangrita are poured into separate shot glasses and the two are alternately sipped, not chased. Sangrita is also often used in a festive ritual known as La bandera Mexicana: three separate double shot glasses are filled with lime juice, tequila, and sangrita — the green, white, and red of the Mexican flag.

Plascencia said that the unique and refreshing taste of Sangrita Castiza is attributable to a fusion of simple ingredients — purified water; the juice of tomatoes, limes, mandarins, and oranges; and a proprietary blend of chiles, spices, and condiments. “It is natural and fresh, made without chemicals or preservatives. It tastes as though it was made in your kitchen,” she said, adding, “No more Micheladas, Vampiritos, or Bandera cocktails using chemical based products for flavor. Sangrita Castiza can take your palate to a whole new level to experience the natural flavors of an authentic Mexican sangrita. It can be paired with your favorite tequila, mezcal, beer, or vodka to create special drinks like Micheladas or Bloody Marys. Sangrita Castiza is also versatile in the kitchen as an ingredient for gazpacho, ceviche, and marinades.”

Plascencia noted, “I’m super excited to have Sangrita Castiza make its U.S. debut in Laredo at next Friday’s Noche de Agave. Laredo is a special place on the frontera, not only because it is the largest inland port in the U.S.A, but it is also a city tied indelibly to its Mexican sister city by culture, tradition, language, and familial ties. What a great opportunity to showcase the uniqueness of Sangrita Castiza to Laredenses during the kick-off festivities of the George Washington Birthday Celebration.”

Laredo attorney George Altgelt, who has sampled Sangrita Castiza, said, “I’ve been to the far-flung corners of Mexico, and I have tasted the best Mexico has to offer. This is one of the most authentic and traditional sangritas I’ve ever tasted. Finally, a homemade tequila companion that will clean the palate and refresh your inner espiritu.”

Sangrita Castiza will be available for purchase in 750 ml bottles in one- and two-packs at in February. Commercial 1,750 ml bottles can be ordered through, by calling Nadia Plascencia at (512) 665-7550, or writing to her at


By Francisco J. Espinosa Teja,
Formulator & Manufacturer of Sangrita Castiza; CEO of Bienestar Liquido

Tequila is a drink of ancestral origin, which has been produced since about 1538. Though tequila came of humble origins, it now bears a lineage that has escalated to the finest of tastes.

Sangrita came to life in the last century — and by some it is considered the consort of tequila — the elegant, unobtrusive partner that does not overshadow the tequila, but in fact softens its burn.

What we found in commercial beverages and mixes for tequila and mescal tasting — ancestral rituals to us — was the impetus to “rescue” the traditional recipe for a clean drink intended to gentle the flavors of agave distillates.

The word castiza in the name tells you the product is genuine, pure, and authentic.

Castiza is a concept of mixes of races that take us back to the Spanish conquest of the Americas in 1520, when indigenous races mixed with Europeans and created not only ethnic mixtures of culture, but also of food, beverages, and traditions by which tequila, mescal, and regional spirits became part of the table for new generations.

Sangrita Castiza is a recovery of old traditions, based on a recipe of natural fruit and vegetable ingredients that deliver a perfect balance of flavor and tones for the wiser consumers of high level spirits, mixology, and contemporary food. These are the same ingredients commonly used in most traditional Mexican recipes to season food. Sangrita Castiza can perfectly enrich the flavor of seafood cocktails, fine meat cuts, and grilled fish.

When we considered packaging and labeling, we looked for a reflection of the gourmet, artisanal, and natural attributes of Sangrita Castiza.

We are convinced that the Latino nostalgia market will be a strong driver for our product, however, over the last three months since we introduced Sangrita Castiza, we have found that regardless of culture and ethnic origin, the palate validates Castiza’s taste and enjoyment as a universal flavor.